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  • Allochthonous Nutrients in the Sarracenia Microecosystem at Harvard Forest 2005-2007. HF098
  • Ant Distribution and Abundance in New England 1990-2014. HF147
  • Ants Under Climate Change at Harvard Forest and Duke Forest 2009-2015. HF113
  • Ants and Ecosystem Function in Hemlock Removal Experiment at Harvard Forest 2006-2014. HF160
  • Demography of Sarracenia Purpurea in Massachusetts and Vermont since 1997. HF202
  • Effect of Prey Availability on Sarracenia Purpurea Stoichiometry at Belvidere Bog, Vermont 2002. HF328
  • Food Web of Sarracenia Purpurea in United States and Canada 1999-2011. HF193
  • Hysteresis of the Sarracenia Purpurea Microecosystem in Northern Vermont 2015-2016. HF334
  • Inventory of Ants at the Black Rock Forest in Cornwall NY 2006-2015. HF097
  • Metaproteomic Analysis of Sarracenia Purpurea Pitcher Fluid at Harvard Forest 2012-2017. HF295
  • Moths, Ants and Pitcher Plants in Bogs at Harvard Forest and Belchertown MA 2007-2013. HF159
  • Nitrogen Deposition and Pitcher Plant Morphology in Massachusetts and Vermont 1998-1999. HF330
  • Northern Range Limit of Aphaenogaster picea in Maine 2015. HF323
  • Prey Capture by Carnivorous Plants Worldwide 1923-2007. HF111
  • Scaling Sarracenia in North America 1900-2100. HF349
  • Species Distribution Modeling of Carnivorous Plants Worldwide. HF332
  • Stoichiometry of Bogs and Bog Plants in Massachusetts and Vermont 2002. HF329
  • Structure of Ant Communities in Declining Hemlock Stands at Harvard Forest 2003. HF065
  • Synthesis of Sarracenia Research in North America 1982-2018. HF340
  • Thresholds and Tipping Points in a Sarracenia Microecosystem at Harvard Forest 2012-2013. HF205